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About Banquet

Our State of Art equipped 2700 square meter Grand Ballroom is the largest Banquet room in Korea.

This Banquetroom can be divided into two equally large sections.

Main building Banquet Medium-small Banquet hall
  • + Grand Ballroom A+B

    Our Grand Ballroom is the perfect place to celebrate all kind of imprtant and large sized functions. (Wedding Banquets, Conventions and Seminars, Cocktails and Receptions)

  • 인터불고유통
  • 인터불고그룹
  • 인터불고 만촌
  • 인터불고 원주
  • 인터불고 안산
  • 마리나 호텔
  • 인터불고경산
  • 비고골프장
  • 루에다
  • 냉장인터불고
  • 동영장학재단
  • 인터불고기획
  • ib스포츠